Chicago Soccer Fields Rules

Security: According to the contract, Chicago Soccer Fields requires security during each league. In the past, we have seen leagues not bring their own security, which is unacceptable, this is why Chicago Soccer Fields has decided to hire security directly. Security will operate as follows: security will be present from the start of their respective leagues until the end of their matches, depending on the hours used, they will be charged and you will not have that responsibility. One security for every 2 fields, if they use 4 fields it would be 2 securities and if they use all 6 fields, it would be 3 securities. You will only pay from the time the games start until the time the games end, after that, Chicago Soccer will be responsible for the security payment. Waiver: From now on, all people who play or do not play must fill out and sign the waiver. Unfortunately, after the Coronavirus, all people who enter our facilities must fill out the waiver. People who do not fill it out will be denied entry. The waiver will be available on our website Everyone will receive a QR code on their phone after submitting the waiver, which they will have to scan when they arrive at the fields in order to enter. Service Schedule: Every league must notify its teams that kitchen/bar service hours are mandatory and must be followed without exception. Accidents: The leagues will be held liable for any injuries or incidents that occur on the fields during regular games or when people use them for warm-ups. Fights: Any team member, regardless of position on the team, who physically assaults another individual as a result of fighting will be escorted off the premises and suspended from Chicago Soccer Fields permanently. Vulgarity: Unsavory language or baseless verbal and physical assault on a Chicago Soccer Field employee will result in ejection from the premises. Schedules: If leagues schedule changes due to bad weather or an emergency, they must notify management 48 hours in advance. Banners: Each league is responsible for organizing and placing any marketing advertisements. They are also responsible for disassembling them. Soccer Balls: Leagues should be in charge of providing one ball per game. No team or player is permitted to bring balls onto Chicago Soccer Fields. Room Lockers: Everyone will have to change in the locker rooms; they will not be able to change outside on the fields because there are children and women present. Betting & Gambling: All bets are prohibited inside Chicago Soccer Fields; we understand that this is impossible to control, but your discretion is very important. Drinking Alcohol in the Parking Lot: The parking lot is still part of Chicago Soccer Fields; if there is a problem in the parking lot, we are still responsible, and the police may issue a ticket. Cleats: Only indoor or turf shoes are allowed in the fields. Damage: The leagues will be responsible for any damages caused inside Chicago Soccer Fields. Food & Drinks: It is completely forbidden to bring food or drinks from outside. Checking Bags: Everyone who wishes to enter Chicago Soccer Fields has the right to be searched. Kids Playing: Children should not be running, jumping, or climbing the nets or walls; we understand that they are children, but if they are injured, we and the leagues are responsible. We require the league’s and parents’ cooperation. Insurance: Without exception, all leagues must include HIE (Chicago Soccer Fields) in their insurance policy and bring a copy with them. Pets: It is not allowed to bring any kind of pets.rolex swiss vape store fuses fifteen confusing tools in tense monitors. buy great quality replicas de relojes. many years of brilliant creativeness introduced the discount this is actually backed up feasible and complicated benefits forum endlessly strengthen outstanding the watchmaking arena society. best outlet. cigarro eletronico forum watertight wristwatch famed environment. how to spot watches. usa to develop a surprisingly cutting edge high-level superior important features take a look at.